Prospecting videos

Send your prospects a video via email using your people or our Pro TV spokes models. With your video microsite package, you can include multiple topical videos and customize each microsite with your sales reps picture, name and contact information! Learn More


Generate more leads with a compelling value proposition video on your website. Now it’s easy to tell your story quickly to every visitor you get! Learn More


Let our award winning team of talented “marketers” and designers make your message stand out from the rest! Whatever client you’re looking to secure, we can design to create the “hook” you need within your unique corporate look and feel! Learn More


How well do you communicate your value proposition to prospects? Our corporate site seller suites are designed to communicate your key messages to today’s short attention span customers.

Each site seller suite comes with custom graphics, sales talk tracks, and an audio coaching program. Learn More


Feed your sales force today’s most powerful selling ideas in an audio format they can listen to in their car or on their iPod. You pick the topic(s) and let our team do the rest! Learn More


We can provide your sales people with new ways to present your value proposition and deal with the resistance they are sure to face in today’s economy. All sales scripts are customized to suit your unique selling environment and include your jargon to maximize field adoption. Learn More