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Video Coaching Modules


The Need for Document Workflow

See how unstructured document processes are impacting business efficiency.


Power Prospecting Strategies

Learn who to contact and how via phone, email and social media.


Sales call Best Practices

Pro tips to open a call, present the value proposition and start a sales cycle.


Handling Common Resistance

Best practices and talk tracks to overcome document management objections.


Gaining Commitment & Engaging your Specialist

Practical ideas to qualify prospects, prioritize opportunities and secure the business.

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On-Demand Training Includes

  • Engaging video (not PowerPoint)
  • 10 - 15 minute modules
  • Less than 3 hours to complete
  • Professional on-camera talent
  • Actor simulations of selling skills
  • Online testing and reporting
  • Official certificate of completion
  • Offline money making exercises
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